California Food Handlers Training

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Under California state law, you are required to obtain a California Food Handlers Card within 30 days of being hired. The law states that any food handlers that were hired before June 1, 2011 are now required to get a food handler card by July 1, 2011. Any food handler that was hired after June 1, 2011 will need to get a food handler card before 30 days of employment.

The California food handlers training course provided by Online Institute of America will prepare the student to be confident and knowledgeable when taking the California food handlers exam.

Once you have completed the online training course, we will give you a list of state-approved card providers.

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Our California food handlers online course was designed for any student who is preparing for the certification exam to become a food safety manager/handler in the state of California.

Throughout the United States, food handler accreditation is available through the Conference for Food Protection and the American National Standards Institute. These institutes serve as a benchmark for the entire food industry and also act as part of a global standard for the education of food safety. All necessary curriculum on Preventing Stormwater Pollution and Tuberculosis are included in our California food handlers training course.

Topics Covered

  • The Importance of Food Safety
    • •Practicing proper food safety techniques is one of the most important aspects required for business to run smoothly. If your restaurant has an adequate set of guidelines in place to ensure the quality of the food being served, you can decrease the probability of hazardous situations exponentially. The California Food Handler Card Training course will provide you with the knowledge to not only identify and correct food safety issues, but also how to prevent them from occurring in the first place.
  • Consumer Awareness
    • •One of the goals of the California Food Handler Training is to be able to increase consumer awareness of hazards such as food borne illness and other common issues with the preparation and consumption of food. This course was created to help encourage consumer awareness of such hazards.
  • Food Safety & the Law
    • •In the California Food Handler Training Course, you will be educated on state regulations and laws for the state of California. Understanding the laws governing food safety will not only protect you and your business, but also the customers who visit your establishment. Knowing the law is a very important aspect to working in any industry, especially in the food industry, where you are handling other people’s food.
  • The Manager’s Responsibility
    • •Whether you are the manager or an employee, it is important that everyone knows what the responsibilities of the managers are. The California Food Handler Card Training explains these responsibilities so that employees know exactly what they are and aren’t responsible for.
  • Food Hazards and Food borne Illnesses
    • •One of the most common hazards in the food industry is food borne illness. By taking this online training course, you will learn the causes and methods to identify potentially contaminated food so that you don’t serve it to your customers.
  • Preventing Food borne Illness
    • •The California Food Handler Training Course will also provide you with guidelines to prevent food borne illness from being an issue in your establishment. Food poisoning can sometimes be difficult to identify, but with the right food safety techniques, you will be able to significantly reduce the risk of serving contaminated food.
  • Food Safety Control
    • •Having specific guidelines for food safety control is a very important part of maintaining a safe and healthy restaurant. This Food Handler course will explain techniques to maintain food safety control and ultimately protect you and your customers from potential hazards.

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